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30 days of Real Food - Lose weight, tame inflammation, kick your cravings & feel great in your skin

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30 days can change your life

  • Are you tired of feeling heavy despite watching what you eat?
  • Are you so exhausted you need sugary food and caffeine just to function?
  • Do chronic aches and pains stop you from exercising and moving the way you love?

It doesn't have to be that way.

The Real Food Reset is the solution to eating for optimal health, wellness, and weight loss.

In just 30 days The Real Food Reset will give you a love of naturally satisfying real foods, reduce your cravings for junk food and sweets, restore your lost energy, and help you lose weight, even if the scale feels like it's been stuck forever.

You can start to feel better today with The Real Food Reset

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The Real Food Reset

The Real Food Reset is simple and easy to follow, and based on whole foods like fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, and eggs. The focus on healthy fats, protein, and natural carb sources frees you from food cravings, reawakens lost instincts, and teaches you to eat intuitively again.

Lose weight and feel great, without weighing, measuring, or counting calories. No gimmicks and no supplements required.

Feed your body the food it was designed to eat.

Give Us 30 Days

  • Whole foods - no supplements required
  • Stock your kitchen with our shopping tips and tricks
  • Sample meal plans and recipes
  • Restaurant and fast food strategies
  • Community support, accountability group, and email access to your coach

Unlike a diet, detox, or fast, The Real Food Reset teaches you healthy eating habits for life.

What about Day 31?

It doesn't stop when your 30 days are over!

The Real Food Reset teaches you the vital,life changing tools, techniques, and habits that will keep you on a slim, fit, and healthy track for life, all without putting your favorites on the forbidden list forever.

This is a new beginning, and we're here for you during your first 30 days and beyond.

"Are you ready to jumpstart your way to vibrant energy and better health?

A concise but powerful guide to improving your life with nature's most powerful medicine - Real Food."

Dr Wendy Welch, MD

Lose cravings, regain your lost energy, feel great and lose weight, and keep it off for life

The Real Food Reset exceeded my expectations

I knew if I was going to make progress, real food was the answer. I was pleasantly surprised when my sugar cravings were replaced with real food cravings. I was inspired to get in the kitchen and experiment.

The Real Food Reset did more than reset my diet. With the encouraging guidance of Roland and Galina, it changed me from the inside out.

Sharron Hines, Mrs Hines Class

Program & Curriculum


"It's not about dieting, it's about Real Food"

Roland Denzel

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Course led by

Roland Denzel
Roland Denzel

Roland Denzel is a weight loss coach whose first client was himself!

Overweight his first 35 years, he lost over one hundred pounds in 2003, and has kept if off since.

Along the way, Roland developed a passion for health, fitness, and nutrition that’s not only kept him slim and healthy, but allowed him to help others just like himself through his writing and coaching.

Roland is an IKFF trained kettlebell coach, a certified personal trainer, and is a sports nutrition and weight loss coach through Precision Nutrition. He has co-authored five books, including The Real Food Reset, Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well, and Man on Top, which was inspired by his own journey to becoming healthy, slim, and fit.

Roland and his wife, Galina Ivanova Denzel, have a health coaching practice, serving online clients worldwide, and locally in Colorado. Galina and Roland write and podcast regularly at, and their latest book Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well - 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week, is available where all fine books are sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts immediately after you enroll. Even though we focus a lot on the first 30 days, the program itself doesn't ever have to end. The program, recipes, and concepts are designed to be timeless. The Real Food Reset teaches you how to eat for life. It is designed so that you can learn at your own pace.
How long do I have access to the course?
The course is yours to keep, and is available to you indefinitely. Use it once, twice, or every day going forward.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We have a 30-day money-back guarantee. We would never want you to be unhappy. If you are unsatisfied with the program, we want to know so we can make our programs better. Please contact us and let us know and we'll refund the price of your course.